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Storage Cavern Industry

Conquest is dedicated to the storage cavern industry and its associated disposal and supply wells. Often, the typical view of many drilling fluids companies is that servicing this industry is just an ancillary service, or something to get by until the next oil and gas well starts up. Conquest has a staff totally dedicated to the research and solving of all the specific problems associated with drilling these type wells and is a member of SMRI. Since its inception as a company, Conquest has provided the drilling fluids and/or engineering in all the major dome complexes along the Gulf Coast and some bedded deposits throughout the US. Some of the more pivotal concerns include the following:


Conquest is constantly working on the lost circulation problems associated with the Caprock transition zones. This can encompass very basic procedures to more complicated highly thixotropic pills.


Conquest recognizes the importance of identifying and monitoring the presence of Carnalite Salts. On every cavern well Conquest continually monitors the potassium level.


More so than any other type of well, cavern wells require the mud engineer to be a pit and disposal manager. Conquest engineers on location are aware at all times of the amount of cuttings disposal taking place in order to have the shakers screened accordingly, reducing as much as possible the disposal costs while still keeping the mud in good shape. Because of the high excess volumes associated with casing cement jobs, Conquest mud engineers also take an active role in managing the trucks needed for cement disposal and the pumps needed to pump returns out of the cellar.


Conquest understands the importance of information derived from cores and closely monitors the saturation level prior to and throughout all of the coring operation.

The entire Conquest team, from lab personnel to field personnel, recognizes the importance of a hands on approach to drilling these type wells, thus demonstrating the commitment to our axiom:

“We deliver mud, but we sell service.”

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