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ViChem Multi-Hydroxyl Alcohol Drilling Fluid System

The MHA Drilling Fluid System is an innovative water based mud that utilizes the unique properties of multi-hydroxyl alcohols. Multi-Hydroxyl alcohols are short chain hydrocarbons similar to oil which allows the MHA mud system to have stability and performance characteristics comparable to OBMs. However, unlike petroleum products, the MHA molecule contains hydroxyl groups on each of the carbons in the chain allowing it to be dispersible in water and completely nontoxic to the environment.


  • Nontoxic to the environment
  • Superior lubricity for increased ROP
  • Inhibits shale hydration
  • Specifically designed for horizontal drilling
  • Maximizes cost efficiency
  • More control over loss circulation problems than with OBM or SBM
  • Cleaner and easier to use than OBM or SBM



  • Multi-Hydroxyl Alcohol Base
    • Gives the system its unique properties
    • "Alcohol hydrocarbon" as opposed to an "oil hydrocarbon"
    • Hydrocarbon molecule blend containing multiple hydroxyl groups allowing it to act like an oil and an alcohol
    • Miscible in water while still retaining its oil like properties in the areas of lubricity and inhibition
    • Completely biodegradable

  • ViChem L-20 Lubricant
    • Non-petroleum based organic vegetable oil
    • Uniquely high affinity for coating particles and metal surfaces
    • Superior performance as a lubricant, shale stabilizer and corrosion inhibitor
    • Completely Biodegradable

  • Proprietary Shale Inhibitors
    • Because the MHA system is water-based, a wide variety of shale inhibitors are possible
    • ViChem SI-60 combines a proprietary mix of cationic molecules to inhibit shale hydration
    • Can be used "off of the shelf" or custom blended based on laboratory testing of formational shale samples

  • ViChem CQ Bio-324 Biocide
    • Microorganisms can directly impact drilling operations as well as cause problems down the line
    • Broad spectrum biocide
    • Long term effectiveness
    • High temperature/pressure tolerant
    • Granted full regulatory approvals by EPA for use in oil and gas applications

  • Bio-Polymers
    • Use a combination of natural and semi-synthetic polymers
    • Viscosity and API filtrate control
    • Well-bore stability
    • Can use ViChem polymers or custom blends based on customer needs




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