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Haynesville Wells

Conquest Drilling Fluids, Inc. teamed with Southern Star Energy Corporation to successfully drill and log three Haynesville Shale vertical test wells in the Sentell Field with very positive results. Each of these wells will be completed in the Haynesville Shale pending thorough analysis and final completion design. The wells were drilled with an environmentally friendly, high performance water-based mud system specially designed by Conquest. This potassium acetate/silicate formula, anchored by a proprietary product called RHA-10, provided a host of benefits including:

  • Reduced torque/drag
  • Expedited trip times
  • Exceptionally gauged hole (see mud log)
  • Crisp, non-degraded cuttings (see Exhibits 1,2)
  • Solid core samples (see Exhibits 3)

Exhibits 1 & 2: Microscopic view of Haynesville Shale Cuttings in Maxim-100 System.

Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3: Vertical view of Haynesville Shale Core.

Exhibit 3



Haynes Graph



Project Management Protocol

Testing Lab


ViChem MHA Drilling Fluid System

Maxim-100 Mud System

CQ Bio-24 Biocide

ViChem L-10/Super L Lubricant

Haynesville Wells




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