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The drilling fluids products on the market today are for the most part generic in nature. In other words, the mud is the same; the difference is in the color of the sack.

What sets Conquest Drilling Fluids apart is the large team of senior engineers on our staff. When drilling a well, problems happen instantaneously and can become un-manageable rapidly. Something that is acquired only through years of experience is the ability to listen to the well and provide a proactive solution to the problem rather than a reactive one. Optimizing drilling performance and resolving a problem before it becomes a disaster is why we say "we deliver mud, but we sell service."

This focus begins with engineering and planning. Prior to spud-in, a punch list of well problems is considered with all of the protocols needed and products delivered on location with the first spud load. This allows our engineers to be prepared, optimize performance, avoid potential problems and be ready to resolve problems as they arise.

Our management believes in a hands-on approach. Each person is involved in the preparation for the well, from the field engineer to the president of the company. Status reports on each well’s progress and performance are reviewed daily and a one-on-one consultation between field personnel and management is held. The rig doesn’t sleep and neither do we. Conquest Drilling Fluids’ engineers are on site or just a phone call away. Our customers are our number one priority and their complete satisfaction is our fundamental objective.

With Conquest, you’re not just hiring one of us; you’re hiring the whole team – from the lab research to application in the field. Our team will strive to make your well run smoothly, efficiently and help avoid costly setbacks.

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