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Maxim-100 Mud System

Maxim-100 is a water-based conventional polymer drilling fluid specially formulated with a high quality filtration control agent (ViChem C-300) to provide excellent well bore stability and shale inhibition. The degree of inhibition needed is tailored to the formulation being drilled. To create this unique blend the following proprietary additives are used.

VICHEM SI 60 (proprietary potassium solution and shale stabilizer) providing:

  • Crisp, non-degraded cuttings
  • Reduced colloidal solids concentrations
  • Strengthening of the well bore walls, minimizing sloughing
  • Enhanced Rheological Properties:
    • Reduced PVs for more energy to the bit
    • Optimal YPs for better cuttings transport
    • Flat gel strength for lower ECD values

VICHEM L-10 / SUPER L Lubricant (proprietary lubricant, corrosion inhibitor and shale stabilizer) providing:

  • Improved penetration rates
  • Smoother, faster trips
  • Exceptional lubricity facilitating sliding operations
  • Lubricant viscosification in shale pore throats
  • Coefficient of Friction (CF) Reduction
    • Reference numbers
      • Water: CF 0.35
      • WMB with Market Lubricant: CF 0.28
      • Synthetic OBM: CF 0.11
      • WBM with ViChem L-10: CF 0.02

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