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Project Management Protocol

We develop a complete mud program based on an extensive library of off-set well histories. We look at your own special needs to formulate a program specifically for each well. The engineering managers will assign a senior engineer as the ‘Team Leader’ on the well-site.

  • We hold an in-house meeting with the engineering manager, senior engineer and the relief engineer. A discussion of potential well problems and how to prevent their occurrence, well hydraulics, solids control and the rig’s capabilities are put into a report for presentation at the spud meeting with the Operator, Drilling Contractor and all other ancillary service companies involved in the project.
  • Beginning at spud-in and throughout the drilling process, the daily report is reviewed by the Engineering Manager. All possible issues are discussed daily with the well-site engineer including: screen size for optimum solids control, keeping the barite bulk tanks full for an up-coming transition zone, having the chemicals on hand to treat out CO2, H2S or any other contaminants, and preparing for depleted sands.
  • Prior to logging and running pipe, the mud is pre-conditioned so circulation time prior to logs is kept to a minimum.
  • When the final cement job is done, an inventory is taken and plans are made for pickup and haul off of the remaining materials. The engineer remains on site to see that all materials and pallets are hauled off and proper credit is given to the Operator.

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